Centurion Kamas
Ultimate Contender Kamas
Ultimate Duo Kamas
Ultimate Duo Kamas
Design 2 Kamas
Ultimate Adversary Kamas
Ultimate Champion  Kamas
Ultimate Champion Kamas
Dragon Kamas
Dragon Kamas
Economy Kamas
Ultimate Basic Kamas
Ultimate Single Color Kamas
Ultimate Single Color Kamas

No matter which design you choose, all of our Kamas at Cochran's Ultimate Weapons are made with mirror polished aluminum blades. They are aerodynamically designed to fly, spin and cut through the air with minimum resistance! You can choose from our LightWeight handle which is thicker to the feel or our UltraLight UltraThin handle which is more oval. You can also choose from our 11” or 14” handles - you may have them cut shorter upon request.  Kamas can be customized with our holographic and vinyl films from any of our design styles.  We also offer 35 grips for you to choose from on most designs.

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