Design 2 Nunchakus

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Special Instructions:
These Design 2 style nunchakus are available with your choice of STRING or CHAINS. The handles are 11" long standard. Shorter lengths are available at no additional charge. 12" handles are available at a slightly higher charge. Your choice of standard string lengths: 1", 1 1/2",2 1/4", 3". (Custom lengths available upon request) Your choice of wood: POPLAR (lightweight) or ASH (heavier stronger wood) Then, choose your Base, Band and Stripe color from any of our 39 film colors. All speed Nunchakus are made to order and considered custom weapons. All state laws are different. Please make sure they are legal to purchase and own in your state. Priced per pair. This weapon is also available to purchase as part of a money saving package that includes Bo Staff, Kamas and Nunchakus. See packages to see available options. The nunchakus pictured above are shown with a Mirror Gold base, Raspberry Bands and Gloss Black stripes.
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